IOMSRA Division C fixtures for Week 10

IOMSRA Division C Fixtures to be played on Tuesday 2nd April and Friday 5th April are –

Tuesday 2nd April – 

Island Exhausts Vets v Dandara Falcons 

Browne Craine Dragons v Hansard Racketeers

Friday 5th April – 

Buchanan & Pitts Misfits  v Dohle Stars 

Jewel Tech Juniors v Junior Academy

For Week 10 the positions in the league after all results for Week 9 have been input are used to determine the final round of matches. The team placed 1 will play the team placed 2, the team placed 3 will play the team placed 4, the team placed 5 will play the team placed 6, the team placed 7 will play the team placed 8 and the team placed 9 will have a Bye. The winning team will be the best placed team from all the teams in the league – so still all to play for!

Division C Champions

Island Exhaust Vets won the Pre-Christmas block of the league. If the winning team for the Post-Christmas block of the league is not Island Exhaust Vets then that team will play Island Exhaust Vets in a C League Final on Tuesday 30th April. If Island Exhaust Vets do manage to win the Post-Christmas block of the league, then they will be the Winners of Division C.