Report on European Nations Team Championships Division 3 at the end of Play Off Stages – Friday 5th April/Saturday 6th April

The Isle Of Man Squash Team are currently competing in the European Nations Team Championships, Division 3. Both a Mens and Women’s team have been entered. They have spent the last 2 days competing in Play Off matches to find their positions in the ETC Division 3 Rankings.

To get to the Website with full details of draws, groups and matches use the link below –

The women’s team is very young and inexperienced and will benefit greatly from this opportunity to represent the Isle of Man against other European countries. The Women’s team consisted of  Beth Jones, Michelle Smith and Amaline Batty.

The Women’s team have completed their Play Off matches. The results are shown below –

The Men’s team is a little bit more experienced but still very young and they too will benefit from this opportunity to pit their skills against other European teams. The team consisted of Thomas Whiteway, Oscar Hill, Malcolm Levy, Pat Fitzpatrick and Les Callow who was also the Isle of Man team manager.

The Mens team have completed their Play Off matches and the results can be seen below –

Les Callow the team manager will be writing a full report on the tournament which will include a picture of the Isle of Man Squad in the not to distant future so look out for this.