Congratulations to Crowe Dragons on becoming IOMSRA Division B Winners

The final round of IOMSRA Division B Fixtures was played on Thursday 4th April resulting in the Crowe Dragons becoming the winners of the B League. The team is pictured below. From left to right – Oliver Wait, Ben Peach, Jon Shepherd (Captain), Magnus Lamprecht and Peter Ferguson. Other players that have played for Crowe Dragons but not pictured below are – Lyndon Cheetham, Steve Gaylor, Beth Jones, Darren Smethurst , Brian Cowley, Steve Morley and Oliver Williams.

Division B has been very close since Christmas as the final placings in the table below shows – 

Division B Champions

Crowe Dragons won the pre-Christmas block of the league fixtures and Crowe Dragons also won the post-Christmas block therefore as they won both these blocks they are the undisputed IOMSRA Division B winners. The is no need for a B league final to be played.