New Rules for the 2019-2020 IOMSRA Squash Season

We had a major rewrite of the Rules at the end of last season. This was primarily brought about because of feedback from players and teams; situations which arose during the course of the season that the rules just didn’t cater for; and to make the rules more relevant to the growing amount of players and teams competing in IOMSRA Squash. 

A new version of the Rules can be found on the Website, do please have a read of these and make yourself familiar with them. They can be found by going to the IOMSRA Website – Then select ‘Rules/Policies’ and on the drop down list select ‘League Constitution and Rules’. Then follow the instructions to open up the Rules.

I would like teams and squads for league participation submitted to me by the end of August, so do start to contact fellow players and sort out your teams now.