D League Trophy to be Competed for again

D League Trophy to be Competed for again 

C League Captains and Players I would like to draw your attention to what happens after you have all played each other in the first 7 weeks. See the note below, it is at the bottom block of the fixture list.

Note – For Weeks 8 to 10 the positions in the league after all results for Week 7 have been input will determine the final round of matches. The team placed 1 through to 4 will compete against each other to see who wins the league. The Teams placed 5 to 8 will compete against each other to see who wins the title for the bottom grouped teams in the league. 

So basically if you finish in the top 4 teams in the league you 4 teams will play each other and the best placed team will win the C league.

However if you finish in the bottom 4 teams you will all play each other to determine which is the best team of the teams positioned 5 to 8 after Week 7.

I spoke to Derek Tootill recently and he reminded me that there is a ‘D League Trophy’. So this season the winners of these bottom 4 teams of the C league will become the ‘D league’ Trophy winner. So the ‘D league’ trophy is being competed for again and being presented to a team rather than being unused, unloved and forgotten (a sad place to be).

Above is an old picture of the Racketeers Academy the last team to win the D league Trophy.