Richie’s kids triumph in SRA Cup

Richie’s Kids triumph in SRA Cup

The SRA Cup was played on Saturday 8th February at the NSC between 2 and 5 in the afternoon. The format of the competition was a Team Blitz competition using the Monrad format, which means teams get a match every round. It was played by teams of 3, but handicaps were applied to the individual matches, these were calculated using the Squash Levels handicapping method.

SRA Cup Winners – Richie’s Kids

Steve Baker (organiser), Richard Webster (Captain), Isaac Quayle, Les Callow (organiser), Christian Webster, Oliver Wait and Max Birchall

SRA Cup Runners Up – Buchanan & Pitts Misfits B

Steve Baker (organiser), Stephen Pitts (Captain), Les Callow (organiser), Allan Walkingshaw and Beth Jones

SRA Cup Third place – Derivco Sharks

Steve Baker (organiser), Mark Stratford, Dave Freer (Captain), Les Callow (organiser), Alan McNair and Greg Ansara

A full report will follow in the near future but for now here are some pictures of the top teams. The Tournament was organised by Les Callow and Steve Baker with technical help from Chris Butler and Dave Freer. Les Callow and Steve Baker are featured in the team photographs shown above.