Leighton Ginty –  Player of the month for February 2021 

Congratulations to Leighton Ginty, February 2021 Player of the Month 

Leighton Ginty earned his spot as the IOMSRA Player of the Month (POM) for February with a points increase of 22.7%. Over the last four weeks his playing level has increased with good results over experienced players like Ian Sheard and Pat Russell. It shouldn’t be too long before he breaks the 1,000 points barrier if he continues to improve at this rate. 

Chris Cave of the Outcasts and Team AON is second, having played five ranking matches in February, winning them all and only dropping one game in the process. He has now broken into the top 20 ranked players on the Island with a current ranking of 18.

The third placed player is Fraser Dorling who plays for the Racketeers. He came third last time the POM rankings were published and has claimed that spot again with a further good increase. He is beginning to get a lot more consistent and with that his ranking points are continually improving. 

 The five most improved players in February 2021 are :-

1 Leighton Ginty  – points moved from 692 to 849 = 22.7%

2 Chris Cave – points moved from 2027 to 2389 = 17.9%

3 Fraser Dorling  – points moved from 989 to 1147 = 16%

4 Marc Taggart – points moved from 1199 to 1388 = 15.8%

5 Harry Douthwaite – points moved from 455 to 527 = 15.8%