IOMSRA Prize Presentation on Friday 24th May

A league Trophy being presented the EasyGym representatives

B league Trophy being presented the Crowe Dragons representatives

C league Trophy being presented the Island Exhausts Vets representative

SRA Cup  being presented the Sharks representatives

Andy Dalrymple was presented with Captain of the Year, he wasn’t there so his prize is being presented to his Racketeers team mates

Player of the Season was Ben Leith

Entertainment was provided by ‘Hells Bells’



Magnus Lamprecht is IOM Squash Rackets Association POM (Player of the Month) for May 2019 with a point’s increase of 26%. He has had some very impressive results in the SRA Cup matches which has seen him climb speedily up the rankings. 

Shaun Callow came second with a 14.7% increase in his level. Shaun is a very experienced squash player whose work commitments prevent him from playing too much IOMSRA Squash. However he is a real asset to any team as his results prove. 

The third placed player is Douglas Jacobsson just 0.1% behind Shaun. Douglas is another experienced player who is beginning to peak at the end of the season. 

The five most improved players in May are listed below

1 Magnus Lamprecht – points moved from 1028 to 1295 = 26%

2 Shaun Callow – points moved from 1270 to 1457 = 14.7%

3 Douglas Jacobsson – points moved from 1753 to 2009 = 14.6%

4 Jay Dernie – points moved from 409 to 461 = 12.7%

5 Stephen Pitts – points moved from 436 to 485 = 11.2%

Sharks Quench Dragons to Win SRA Cup Final

Over the last few weeks squash B and C division teams have been competing in a Handicap competition for the SRA Cup. 

The fourteen teams consisted of five B league teams and nine C league. Teams play a normal match but afterwards a points value is added to the weaker team which is calculated based on their performance during the season. 

In the first round every B league team came up against a C team, some of these being very close encounters. A particularly notable match was between B league champions Crowe Dragons and C league winners Island Exhausts Vets. The Dragons only just won by three points once the handicap was added, with the match between Dragon Magnus Lamprecht and Ian Sheard going all the way to five games. Hansard Racketeers were the only C league winners in this round as they overcame the Outcasts in a close match, thanks in part to Racketeer Matt Corlett who played particularly well in this encounter to beat his higher ranked opponent outright.

The quarter final round brought the four winning B league teams against four C teams. Crowe Dragons and the Sharks were impressive in beating their opponents to progress further in the tournament. The third team to claim a semi-final spot was Island Exhausts who beat Buchanan & Pitts Misfits in a hard fought match. The other encounter was a Racketeers derby with B league Conister Racketeers Pioneers taking on C league Hansard Racketeers. The B leaguers took the match with the pick of the games being Marc Taggart against Lucy Kerr, the latter playing well to gain valuable points for her team. 

By the semi-final round all C league teams had been eliminated so it was a B league battle for the Cup. Crowe Dragons came up against Island Exhausts in the first semi-final which was a really great match with some very close encounters. Young Dragon Oliver Wait and the experienced Shaun Callow went all the way with Callow just grabbing the victory for his side in the fifth game. The other five game match was between the two number one players, Ben Peach and Josh Green. Both these players have improved a great deal through the course of the season and they produced a great match. Peach took the first two games but Green levelled it at 2-2. The final game went to Peach15-11, securing the match for Crowe Dragons, who progressed to the final.

The second semi-final saw Conister Racketeers Pioneers take on the Sharks but the Sharks were quite dominant in this match winning 5-0. Racketeers resistance came in the form of Rob Boyles who had five very close games with Mark Webster Smith. The other close match was between Andrew Brown and Greg Ansara. Brown levelled by taking the second game but Ansara closed out the match by taking the next two games. 

So the Final was between B league champions Crowe Dragons and the Sharks. The Dragons two junior players on the night, Oliver Williams and Oliver Wait, both fought hard against their respective opponents but couldn’t take games off Alan McNair and Douglas Jacobsson respectively. However Beth Jones and Magnus Lamprecht succeeded in taking a game each off their Shark opponents Greg Ansara and captain Dave Freer. The only win for Crowe Dragons came when Lyndon Cheetham just clinched the fifth and final game 15-14 against Mark Webster Smith. This was a great game played between two top 20 players. 

The overall match score was 4-1 to the Sharks and when handicaps were applied they won convincingly. The SRA Cup therefore goes to the Sharks this season, who are very worthy winners as their team has played great squash throughout the tournament. 

The Sharks team, winners of the SRA Cup are pictured above. From Left to Right – Mark Webster Smith, Alan McNair, Dave Freer (Captain), Douglas Jacobsson and Greg Ansara



IOMSRA Team Captains meeting

We had a IOMSRA Captains Meeting on Wednesday 15th May at the Woody Pub, during the meeting a few decisions were made that will effect next season.

1.Match Nights 

It was decided that we would swap the match nights for the A and the B league. So next season A league matches will be played on a Thursday and B league matches will be played on a Monday.

2.C league matches

We have decided to play 3 matches on a Tuesday night as Friday night is such an unpopular night for matches.

3.Scoring system

This will remain the same with one small change for the A league, at 10-10 the game will continue until a player has won by 2 clear points. the score will be entered as 11-10 to the winner though.