MerseySide Events for the 2019-2020 Squash Season

I contacted Andrew Breen who is a well known Squash Coach based in Liverpool. I think he is the North West Squash Coach for England Squash but I am not 100% sure about this. He is responsible for publishing the Squash Calendar (showing major events) for Merseyside Squash and he has sent me a list of dates for the forthcoming 2019-2020 season. Most of you will know we are affiliated to Merseyside and IOMSRA Players have represented Merseyside at county level events. 

I will update the IOMSRA Calendar which is on the IOMSRA Website with the Merseyside Events.

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Club Matches – Challenge Matches

The IOMSRA Official Rankings can be seen by going to the IOMSRA Website – Then select ‘Squash Levels’ and the IOM Rankings will appear on your screen.

Your ranking will affect the position you play for your team next season so your ranking or playing level is important. If you want to improve your playing level and ranking then why not challenge another player and send me the result and I will input it into the system. A good result will mean an improvement in playing level, similarly a bad result will mean a reduction in playing level. 

Some of you already play ‘Club matches’ (Challenge matches) and the results have impacted your playing level. See the graphic below for an example of 2 matches played recently which shows the result and the playing level PerCentage change. 

‘Squash Levels’ is basically a database that holds loads of results from Squash Matches. It uses these results to grade players and give them a playing ‘Level’. As the database holds so much data it knows what the result of match between 2 players should be by looking at the history of matches between players with similar playing levels. So therefore when a result is entered adjustments can be made to a players playing level in light of the match result.

New Rules for the 2019-2020 IOMSRA Squash Season

We had a major rewrite of the Rules at the end of last season. This was primarily brought about because of feedback from players and teams; situations which arose during the course of the season that the rules just didn’t cater for; and to make the rules more relevant to the growing amount of players and teams competing in IOMSRA Squash. 

A new version of the Rules can be found on the Website, do please have a read of these and make yourself familiar with them. They can be found by going to the IOMSRA Website – Then select ‘Rules/Policies’ and on the drop down list select ‘League Constitution and Rules’. Then follow the instructions to open up the Rules.

I would like teams and squads for league participation submitted to me by the end of August, so do start to contact fellow players and sort out your teams now.