IOMSRA Handicap Cup Competition for 2019

The IOMSRA Handicap Cup Competition commences on Thursday the 2nd May and will climax in a final to be played on Friday 17th May. The picture below shows last years winner Conister Racketeers Pioneers and encapsulates what it means to win the Cup Competition. The picture shows, left to right – Andrew Brown, Calum Baker, Nic Kieswetter, Rob Boyles and James Leith 

The IOMSRA Handicap Cup competition is for teams in the B and C leagues. Each team is given a Handicap which is derived from the teams results over the course of the season. Additional points are given to C league teams to make them competitive against the B league teams. The Handicaps for the teams are shown below, if you want to know how these were derived just contact me and I will send you the Excel Spreadsheet that I used to derive them.

The Cup matches will be scored like the league matches so the team score will be a determined by adding the scores of the best 3 games of each player together for the team. The scores for each team member will then be added together to give a Total Points scored for the Team. Please note the will be ‘NO BONUS’ points added to the winning team, but the difference between the teams handicap values will be added to one of the teams instead.

Please note that a player will NOT be cup tied, he can play for both his B and C league teams in the cup unless they play each other of course. If they do he must select 1 of the teams to represent.

I have yet to do the draw but the format of the draw which includes the dates of matches is shown below – 



Congratulations to Island Exhausts Vets on becoming IOMSRA Division C Winners

The final round of IOMSRA Division C Fixtures was played on Friday 5th April resulting in the Island Exhaust Vets becoming the winners of the C League. The team is pictured above and is back row from left to right – Phil Shaw, Ian Sheard (Captain) and Peter Sharples. Front row left to right – Jimmy Fick and Lee Loughren. 

Division C has been very close since Christmas as the final placings in the table below shows – 

Division C Champions –

Island Exhaust Vets won the pre-Christmas block of the league fixtures and Island Exhaust Vets also won the post-Christmas block therefore as they won both these blocks they are the undisputed IOMSRA Division C winners. The is no need for a C league final to be played. 


IOMSRA – Important Dates for your Diary

29th April – Monday

Division A Final to be played between EasyGym and Cannell Print. It will be played at the NSC and will start at 6.30pm.


15th May – Wednesday

Captains Meeting to be held at the Woodbourne Pub in the Pool Room starting at 7pm. It will be followed by an IOMSRA Committee Meeting. Venue still subject to Confirmation.


17th May – Friday

IOMSRA Handicap Cup Final. It will be played at the NSC starting at 6.30pm.


18th May – Saturday

Annual IOMSRA Prize Giving. Venue is to be confirmed but the start time will be 7pm. Food will be served and prizes and awards for the Squash year will be presented.


14th June – Friday

IOMSRA Annual General Meeting. Venue to be Woodbourne Pub in the Pool Room starting at 7pm. Venue still subject to Confirmation.






Crowe Dragons crowned Division B Champions

The Photograph below is of Crowe Dragons – left to right – Oliver Wait, Ben Peach, Jon Shepherd (captain), Magnus Lamprecht and Peter Ferguson    

In Division A the clash between Cannell Print and Team AON would decide the Division A winner. Island players Pat Fitzpatrick and Thomas Whiteway had a good close battle with Fitzpatrick just taking the fifth game 11-9 for AON. Cannell hit back to make it 1-1 when Ashley Sandyford Sykes won 3-1 at second string. At three Jason Crease had a very convincing 3-0 win over Cannell’s Ben Peach. However Cannell had the experience of Mike Hayler at four and the athleticism of Joshua Green at five who both performed well and ensured a 3-2 and 155-145 victory for Cannell Print, taking them to the top of the table.

The other fixture was between StoneArt and EasyGym, with StoneArt gaining a surprising 5-0 win to claim the third spot in the table and consign EasyGym to the Wooden Spoon position. Hamish Thornton and Allister Crossley both won in straight games. Team sponsor Lyndon Cheetham and Douglas Jacobsson both had to work harder to get their 3-1 wins. The closest match of the fixture was the number one string battle between Paul Barnett and Jason Blue. The first three games were really close with only 2 or 3 points separating the players when the game balls were won, however Barnett ran out of steam in the fourth with Blue winning 11-1 to secure the whitewash for StoneArt.  

Crowe Dragons secured the B league title with two very strong performances back to back to capitalise on the Outcasts loss last week. This final week they took on Island Exhausts who unfortunately suffered player availability issues which meant a  call up for Richard Cretney on the morning of the match and Mark Harrop an hour before the match. The Dragons also had players injured or off island meaning they had to draft Lyndon Cheetham back into the team. The Dragons team was very strong and took all the matches 3-0, so the overall match score was 5-0 and 250-143. Congratulations go to Crowe Dragons – Division B Champions.   

The other B league match was between the Sharks and Conister Racketeers Pioneers. This was a good final match for the Sharks that saw them finish a solid third in the league. The match score finished 5-0, but this does not reflect the great spirit and close games thoughout. Particularly entertaining was the game between Mark Webster Smith and Rob Boyles with Mark winning 3-1. A close second was that between Mark Stratford and Barry Irvine which went all the way to five games. Saturday morning squash ‘stable-mates’ Dave Freer and Dean Sowerby finished 3-0 to Freer in a closer match than the score suggests. Douglas Jacobsson and Greg Ansara took the other wins for the Sharks.

In the C League Island Exhausts Vets and Dandara Falcons had a cracking end of season fixture with the final score line in no way reflecting how tight the contest really was. Falcons Vusimbe Zivave and Kale Combes both had chances to take games off their opponents Lee Loughren and Richard Cretney but failed to get the vital points. Graham Partington had a bit too much experience for Jon Cox at third string winning 3-0. The Falcons only win came through Lewi Long who fought back from 2-0 down against Ian Sheard, using good tactical play and clever shot selection to take the match to five games clinching the final game 15-5. Peter Sharples won 3-1 at number one resulting in the overall points score 247-160 to the Vets.

Browne Craine Dragons chances of winning the Division C improved as a result of this 4-1, 242-190 points win over Hansard Racketeers. At either end of the team sheet Dragons Jon Shepherd and Helen Cave picked up 3-0 wins. Fatheha Essa asked her work colleague Shahrukh Mirza to play for her team and he definitely did not let her down, with both these players picking up 3-2 wins against Racketeers Andy Dalrymple and Daryl Richards. Hansard Racketeers win came through the grey fox Matt Corlett who won in four very competitive games. 

Buchanan & Pitts Misfits dropped only five points in their 4-1, 245-189 win over Dohle Stars. Terry Holt has missed a lot of squash this season through work commitments but this was not evidenced by his 3-0 win over Brian Cowley. The hard hitting Jay Dernie also won 3-0. John Watterson and Stephen Pitts were both taken to five games by Dohle Stars Luke Tippett and Antony Bentley Roberts but the Misfits managed to secure the match winning points in the fifth games. Dohle Stars only victory came at five through Eckhard Garbers who played well to secure vital points for his team. 

Isle Of Man Easter Graded Squash Competition 2019 – Closing Date for Entries Friday 12th April 2019

Location – NSC, Douglas, Isle of Man.

Format – Monrad/Swiss System.

Dates – Tuesday 23rd, Thursday 25th, and Friday 26th of April 2019. (A Match every night)

Start time – 6.30pm.  Finish time – about 9pm

Entries Close – Friday 12th April 2019.

Cost – £15 for Seniors /£10 for Juniors (payment on the first night of the tournament). For further details contact Les Callow at email – / Text – 07624 494734

Competitors will be Graded according to their ‘Squash Levels’ ranking points. The top 8 ranked players will be entered in the Grade A Category, the players ranked from 9 to 16 will be entered in the Grade B Category … and so on.

Quarter Final matches will be played on Tuesday, Semi-Finals on Thursday and Finals on Friday.

If you do not have a ‘Squash Levels’ ranking the Tournament Organiser will determine the Category to enter you into, his word will be final in all disputes.

To Enter go to the following URL and fill out the form –