The Utmost Wealth Solutions Isle of Man Squash Championships 2020 – Finals

The Isle of Man Squash Championships 2020 sponsored by Utmost Wealth Solutions finals take place Friday 13th March which matches beginning at 6:00pm.

If all participants please ensure that they are at the courts 10 mins before their scheduled start time at the earliest as changes to the order are possible on the day. If you cannot make the scheduled start time, please contact Thomas Whiteway on 07841358625 and we will do our best to rearrange but please bear in mind that the finals night schedule is tight.

Please also continuously check our website for any updates to the order of play that may take place during the day.

Matches will be played best of 5 games, PAR scoring to 11, two clear points. Winners to mark the next match.

Scores and results can be found either in the image or link below:


Order of Play