Stephen Pitts – Player of the Month for December 2019

Congratulations to Stephen Pitts Player of the Month December 2019

Stephen Pitts is the IOMSRA Player of the Month for December 2019 with a point’s increase of 13.7%. Not many matches are played in December which explains the small increase but Stephen enjoyed two good results against higher ranked players.

Emma Leith was second as she went past the 750 points mark to achieve her highest ranking ever at 766 points. Emma represented the IOM at the Island Games in Gibraltar and the experience she gained there seems to be really pushing her to better and better performances.

The third placed player is Andy McLarney, he has increased his playing level by significant margins in his last four matches. He is a great addition to the Outcasts Dragons squad and has really helped them perform well and achieve some good results this season.

The five most improved players in December 2019 are –
1 Stephen Pitts – points moved from 408 to 464 = 13.7%
2 Emma Leith – points moved from 676 to 766 = 13.3%
3 Andy McLarney – points moved from 301 to 331 = 10%
4 Barry Irvine – points moved from 871 to 956 = 9.8%
5 Nathan Quilliam – points moved from 2188 to 2385 = 9%


The SRA Cup is to be played as a Handicapped BLITZ Competition for Teams on Saturday 8th February

The SRA Cup is to be played as a Handicapped BLITZ Competition for Teams on Saturday 8th February – Get your entries in now.

Format – This is a MONRAD Cup competition for teams that will be played as a ‘BLITZ’ Tournament. However the competition is handicapped so the amount of points that a player gains in his match is dependant on his ‘Squash Levels’ ranking points when compared with his opponents.

Teams/Squads – This is a team competition and each match will be played between teams of 3 players, however the team of 3 players can be selected from a squad of 6 players. A player can only be in 1 squad/team for the duration of this tournament.

Match Format – It is a ‘BLITZ’ tournament so the team number 1 players will play each other followed by the number 2 players then finally the number 3 players. The players will play each other continually for 13 to 18 minutes and the points scored by each player will be recorded however each will be modified, the modification will be dependent on the players handicap.

Date – Saturday 8th February 2020

Closing Date for entries – Friday 31st January 

Restricted Entry – Teams will not be allowed to enter after 16 teams have entered.

Times – The times that the SRA Cup matches will be played are dependant on the teams entering the competition.

If we have 8 squads/teams entered the tournament will take place in 1 session – the Afternoon Session 14.00 to 17.00.

If we have 16 squads/teams  entering the competition then the tournament will take place over 2 Sessions – the Morning Session 10.00 to 13.00 and Afternoon Session 14.00 to 17.00

If the entry is between 8 and 16 squads/teams the Morning Session will be reduced to accommodate the matches required to be played for the tournament.

Where – NSC

Cost – £30 per team

Details/Questions – If you have any question about the tournament then email on me or text/phone me on 07624 333745.

Entries – Send your team name, team captain and list of squad players (between 3 and 6) to me and you will have a good chance of winning the SRA Cup. Send your entries to




Island Exhausts vets closing gap to Hansard Racketeers in the C league

Island Exhaust Vets closing gap to Hansard Racketeers in the C league

StoneArts’s hopes of catching the A league leaders look very slim after losing 4-1 to Mid-Court-Crisis (MCC). StoneArt captain Steve Baker won 3-0 as did MCC number one Dave Norman. The other three matches were all tight 3-2 affairs but MCC got the money points in each. Dave Hedley operated perfectly to win 33-32, Dave O’Neill just kept on running all the way to victory 33-31 and the third triumphant was Malcolm Levy who just beat an in-form Hamish Thornton 33-32. The overall score was 166-149 and leaves StoneArt second by 39 points, a huge gap to close.

Cannell Print finished the pre-Christmas fixtures with a 4-1 win against the Crazies. Cannell’s Joshua Green and Oliver Wait continued to impress with 3-0 wins, both these players really are on an upward trajectory in terms of playing level. Their teammates Ben Peach and Rob Colquitt had to work a bit harder for their 3-1 wins. The number one match saw the two captains Thom Whiteway and Ashley Sandyford-Sykes do battle. Sandyford-Sykes prevented the whitewash by taking the match 3-1, the first three games were very close but Ash manged to ‘bagel’ Thom in the fourth game. Cannell Print finish the Autumn League with 1199 points, an average of 150 points a game, that is a good average and a great achievement for such a young team.

The B league brought together Crowe Dragons and Island Tyres & Exhausts. Steve Baker made up for his defeat earlier in the season by beating James Martin with a 3-0 win for Exhausts. Dave Hedley took a comfortable 3-0 win to even the tie against the lower ranked but improving Liam Townsend. The power of Shaun Wylie resulted in another strong win for Exhausts at three against Rich Cretney while Darren Smethurst achieved a relatively routine 3-1 win for Dragons over Les Callow. The game of the night and the match winner was at fourth string between Julien Uzzell and Peter Sharples with Uzzell taking the spoils for Dragons 3-2 and 45-44.

Derivco Sharks continued their run of victories when they met Junior Academy. The game of the night was between Emma Leith and Greg Ansara with both these players bringing the best of out of each other, Ansara just managing to sneak it 15-14 in the fifth. Ben Leith and Harvey Douglas did well to take games off higher ranked opponents, Alan McNair and Dave O’Neill but both went down to 3-1 losses. Christian Webster lost 3-0 to Baillie Watterson who had a bit to much accuracy for the younger player. The Juniors only winner of the night was Ben Peach. Sharks won 4-1 and 234-192.

League leaders Outcasts had a hard fought 3-2 win against the second placed team Racketeers Pioneers. Racketeer James Leith came back from  match point against him to earn a 3-2 win. Fellow Racketeer number one had the other win for his side 3-0. The Outcasts winners were Toby Woolard who won 3-0 and their dependable captain Peter Ginty who came out on top with a 3-1 win against a vocal Barry Irvine. The match of the night was Chris Cave coming back from 0-2 down to win 3-2 against Dafydd Lewis and make the Outcasts favourites for the league title.

In the C league leaders Hansard Racketeers played Outcasts Dragons. All but one match ended in 3-0 victories. Baillie Watterson and Matt Corlett got the victories for Racketeers while Dragons Andy McLarney and Stuart Highy both won for their team. The only contest to go to four games was Fatheha Essa against Dave Johnson. Johnson won the first and then Essa but Dave seemed to get stronger and took the third and fourth convincingly. This 3-2 win for the Racketeers leaves them 50 points clear of the second placed team Island Exhausts Vets who they play in the final round of matches to determine the C League winner for this half.

Second placed Island Exhausts Vets kept their hopes of catching the league leaders alive with a 4-1 victory over Buchanan & Pitts Misfits. All the matches ended with 3-0 scores. The very experienced trio of Mark Stratford, Peter Sharples and Les Callow had some close games but came through in the end. Richard Cretney, the youngster of the team, was most ruthless as he limited his opponent to just 19 points. The only winner for Misfits was Toby Woolard who beat Ian Sheard 45-13 in points. With every point counting in the final score the game scores really do matter. Overall the score was 218-153. 

An outstanding win for Harry Douthwaite was the only real bright spot in a rather disappointing night for Dohle Stars as Dandara Falcons avenged the last head-to-head match. Douthwaite beat Jon Cox in a five game battle taking the final game 15-14. The Falcons won 4-1 with 3-0 wins by Julien Uzzell, Lewi Long and Sarah Simpson. Falcons captain had to work a bit harder to get a 3-1 win against Stars player Brett Dean. Dohle are very grateful for guest players stepping in to make up the team numbers. Falcons are now clear favourites to win the D league trophy.

The Team Photo is ‘Island Tyres & Exhausts’ . Back Row (from left to right) – Shaun Wyllie, Shaun Callow and Lewi Long. Front Row (from left to right) – Peter Sharples and Steve Baker  

Santander International Open Squash Tournament 2019


Location – NSC 

Format – Swiss System (match each round) 

Dates – Tuesday 12th, Thursday 14th & Friday 15th of November 2019.

Start time – 6.00pm 

Competitors – Restricted to 32 entries

Closing Date for Entries – Friday 8th November

Cost – £15 for Seniors and £10 for Juniors

For further details contact Les Callow at 

Email – / Text – 07624 494734

To Enter Open the following URL and fill out the form –

Harvey Douglas – Player of the month for September 2019

Congratulations to Harvey Douglas Player of the Month (POM) for September 2019 

Harvey Douglas is IOM Squash Rackets Association POM (Player of the Month) for September 2019 with a point’s increase of 36.2%. Harvey has clearly improved a great deal and has demonstrated tremendous form in September. He is one of the current crop of very promising junior players. 

Ben Leith was second with a point’s increase of 34.4%. Ben is another Junior Academy product who is improving all the time. He had particularly good results in the Manx Telecom Dave Karran tournament played at the beginning of the season.  

The third placed player is Richard Cretney. He returned to league squash at the end of last season and is improving with every league outing. 

The five most improved players in September 2019 are listed below –

1 Harvey Douglas – points moved from 505 to 688 = 36.2%

2 Ben Leith – points moved from 395 to 531 = 34.4%

3 Richard Cretney – points moved from 455 to 604 = 32.7%

4 Leighton Ginty – points moved from 313 to 415 = 32.6%

5 Christian Webster – points moved from 616 to 810 = 31.5%.