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The World Squash Officiating is a partnership between the WSF and the PSA and they have created an online education and assessment portal to standardise officiating qualifications worldwide as well as containing useful resources.

From a basic rules test (Level 0) through to the highest level of elite Referees (Level 5), is a platform for everyone wishing to improve their knowledge of the game with the aim of creating a worldwide standard in refereeing and a clear referee pathway.

Leighton Ginty –  Player of the month for February 2021 

Congratulations to Leighton Ginty, February 2021 Player of the Month 

Leighton Ginty earned his spot as the IOMSRA Player of the Month (POM) for February with a points increase of 22.7%. Over the last four weeks his playing level has increased with good results over experienced players like Ian Sheard and Pat Russell. It shouldn’t be too long before he breaks the 1,000 points barrier if he continues to improve at this rate. 

Chris Cave of the Outcasts and Team AON is second, having played five ranking matches in February, winning them all and only dropping one game in the process. He has now broken into the top 20 ranked players on the Island with a current ranking of 18.

The third placed player is Fraser Dorling who plays for the Racketeers. He came third last time the POM rankings were published and has claimed that spot again with a further good increase. He is beginning to get a lot more consistent and with that his ranking points are continually improving. 

 The five most improved players in February 2021 are :-

1 Leighton Ginty  – points moved from 692 to 849 = 22.7%

2 Chris Cave – points moved from 2027 to 2389 = 17.9%

3 Fraser Dorling  – points moved from 989 to 1147 = 16%

4 Marc Taggart – points moved from 1199 to 1388 = 15.8%

5 Harry Douthwaite – points moved from 455 to 527 = 15.8%



Pinoy Manx Alliance Victors in the SRA Cup

Pinoy Manx Alliance Victors in the SRA Cup

The SRA Cup was played on Saturday 20th February at the NSC. This was a Team Blitz competition between teams of three players, but handicaps were applied to the individual matches to ensure every team that enters stand a chance. These handicaps were calculated using the Squash Levels handicapping method. The Tournament was well supported with 12 teams which were initially put into four pools with three teams in each. 

Pool Mathew contained a works team called Team Costa, the Junior Academy coaches and a junior team called Pinoy Manx Alliance (PMA). In this pool of matches Cai Lewis played particularly well to gain good points for his team PMA to ensure they topped the group. Team Costa players Isaac Quayle and Charlie Beard played well in their match against the Junior Academy Coaches to claim the win for their team.

Pool Massaro consisted of Team Leith (a family team), Buchanans and Two Steaks and a Sausage (TSS), a team containing Shaun and Lance Wyllie and Phil Butler. TSS  had two very close matches, only losing out by 5 or 6 points in each. The winning team in this pool was Buchanans who had a good win over Team Leith thanks primarily to a fine performance by their captain John Watterson.

Pool Willstrop brought together team Pitts and two junior teams. This was the closest group of the tournament with the meeting between the two junior teams particularly close. Harvey Douglas and Kai Kiernan both played well for their teams. However the Pitts team of Beth Jones, Terry Holt and Sarah Simpson did just enough to top the group by one point.

The fourth and final pool was Pool Perry which brought together B league title contenders the Sharks and the Outcasts along with LHD (Liam, Harry and Dave). At the end of the match between the Sharks and LHD just 0.48 points separated the teams. In the B League rivals match Outcasts Chris Cave and Liam Davies both restricted their opponents to just 14 points to ensure they got the win. So LHD versus Outcasts would decide the outcome of the match. Harry Douthwaite produced some great squash to finish 40 points ahead of his opponent and helped his team to take the match.

At this stage of the Tournament we had a 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed team in each pool. We arranged for the 3 first placed teams to play a semi-finals and a final and a third place play-off match. We also did the same for the second and third placed teams. By doing this at the end of the Tournament the teams would be ranked from 1 through to 12. 

Places 9 to 12 were battled for by Team Costa, the Sharks, TSS and the Junior Academy C team. TSS got the better of Team Costa with all three players in the team getting victories whilst the juniors beat the Sharks. The final round finished with Junior Academy C team 9, TSS 10, Team Costa 11 and Sharks 12.   

The teams ranked second in each group competed for the middle order places. Team Leith, a team containing two junior players, particularly enjoyed beating their Junior Academy coaches. Outcasts struggled to overcome Junior Academy B with Callum Larkin and Kai Kiernan making the most of the points weighting to get big wins against their opponents. At the end of the tournament we had Junior Academy B 5, Team Leith 6, Outcasts 7 and the Coaches 8.

Christian Webster was the winning captain of this tournament last year and his team PMA progressed to the final by beating Buchanans by 10 points. The other finalists were LHD who beat Pitts by 25 points with all three players in the team achieving wins. The third place match was between team Buchanan and team Pitts who normally play on the same team in league squash. This match saw Buchanan claiming the third place spot by beating team mates Pitts by the slender margin of 1.43 points. 

The final brought together PMA and LHD. Christian Webster seemed very determined to keep the trophy and put in a captains performance to give his team a 20 point lead. PMA number two, Leighton Ginty, won by just 4 points but their third placed player Cai Lewis followed in his captains footsteps by winning by 20 points. So the winning team were PMA and Christian managed to keep the trophy for another year.   

The group photo above shows kneeling in the foreground the winning team of ‘Pinoy Manx Alliance’, which consisted of, from left to right – Leighton Ginty, Christian Webster (Captain) and Cai Lewis. In the background there are some the other competitors in the Tournament.


IOMSRA Top 30 Player Rankings at the End of February 2021

IOMSRA Top 30 Player Rankings at the End of February 2021

I have downloaded the top 30 placed players in the IOMSRA Rankings as recorded on 01 March 2021, these won’t change for a while due to the circuit breaker lockdown when no squash will be played. This is for those of you who like to track your progress on ‘Squash Levels’.

Congratulations to Steve Morley and Dave Freer who have broken into this Elite group of players. Top ranked player Dave Norman has broken the 9,000 points barrier and Ashley Sandyford-Sykes who is playing very well at the moment has moved into the runner-up spot on the rankings. 

The other 2 players who merit a mention are Chris Cave and Angus Hopkinson who have both broken into the top 20,  currently occupying positions 18 and 20 respectively. These two players are having good seasons and progressing up the rankings very nicely.

Lockdown 3.0 – The Squashlevels Isle of Man Community Challenge – March

Unfortunately lockdown is back, but don’t let this stop you keeping up your squash fitness.

In collaboration with the guys at Squashlevels we bring you the March fitness challenge – the 5K run.

To take part you need to sign up to Squashlevels and post your 5K run time in the IOMSRA community page.

And if you need a reason to get out there and give it ago we have put together a little incentive for you. You will receive 1 free tournament entry if you post any of:

  • Fastest time – Under 19s
  • Fastest time – Over 40s
  • Fastest time – Overall

T&C’s: You must sign up to Squashlevels, upload a profile picture and have proof of your run (GPS running app on your phone/smartwatch) to qualify.