League’s to start Monday 13th September 2021

The leagues will start next week with B League games kicking off the week on Monday 13th September, C League games starting Tuesday 14th September and the A League games starting Thursday 16th September. Check the link below with the calendar.teams.fixtures in it for more information.

Click here for: IOMSRA Squash Calendar.Teams.Fixtures 2021-2022

Click here for the league rules: IOM SRA Squash Leagues Rules 2021-2022

Captains should click here to enter results: League Master

Players can click here to see their squash ranking on the Isle of Man: Player Rankings on Squash Levels

Don’t forget all outstanding debts from previous seasons must be settled in order for you to be eligible for the coming season.

The website will soon be updated with tweaks and to enable individual squash fees to be paid online.