Final Run-in for this year Squash leagues

With the half term break behind us and reaching the penultimate games of the season it is time to roundup the latest results.

A League has seen some really close results and count back; BL Plumbing and Drainage Dragons fell to a 3-1 loss at the hands of Cannell Print. Michael Fernandes claimed the only point for the Dragons with a 3-0 win. The game of the night and possibly the season saw Liam Townsend outlast his rival Shaun Wyllie and save 3 match balls on the way to a 3-2 win.
With only two points difference at the top of the league there remains much to play for.

B League in the run up to the last 3 weeks; Racketeers Pioneers took on current 3rd place Atla Arrows in a series of tightly contested matches. Daf Lewis emerged victorious after a gruelling battle against Mike Fernandes, securing a hard-fought victory with a final score of 3-2. Overall fixture result was a win for Pioneers over Arrows 4-1. When the Outcasts played the Mavericks Patrick Russell beat Maverick’s Dave Hedley at number 5, with some epic struggles during the course of the match including one game running up to 23-21. More tight battles at 3 and 2 saw the Mavericks pull back to an equal position, with Dasa Brynjolffssen and Rich Cretney beating Richard Hayley and Mark Henson respectively, both matches ending 3-1 to the Maverick players.
So the match went to be decided by the number 1s – in the end the Mavericks Liam Townsend came out on top again Liam Davies and a mid table clash which saw Complete Electrical Services Sharks leap from Atla Arrows for 3 place. The match started well for Sarah Simpson when she took the first game, however Mark Stratford’s experience came through and he took the next 3 games. String 3 saw Alan MacNair playing Macklin Wilson, and although Alan made a strong start to the match, Macklin fought back to take a 3-1 victory. At second string David Freer faced Douglas Jacobsson in a very tight match which went to 5 games, with David just nipping it with the final few points and securing Victory
That leaves it tight at the top with only 5 points separating Racketeers Pioneers and Aestheticare Mavericks, who are due to play on the 4th March which may prove to be the deciding match of the season.

The C League is also now getting very close with only 3 matches left, Island Exhaust Vets lead by 5 points closely chased by Buchanan & Pitts Misfits with an unbroken recent form and probable easier run-in for the last 3 games.

Island Championships are running 12th to 16th March with record entries and key points available from a ranking tournament.