Callum Larkin –  Player of the month for December 2020 

Congratulations to Callum Larkin December 2020 – Player of the Month 

Callum Larkin is IOMSRA Player of the Month (POM) for December with a points increase of over 14.8%. Although the season had a break from early December Callum played well in the both the Under 17s tournament and his league matches to increase his ranking points.

Andy McLarney of the Outcasts Dragons is second, he is beginning to consistently achieve a playing level of around 500 now as his current level is 520. He started the season around the 400 mark so his improvement is significant. 

The third placed player is Fraser Dorling, he really is playing a lot more squash this season and is up to 963 points now. It won’t be long before he makes it past the 1000 points barrier if he continues to improve at his current rate. 

The five most improved players in December 2020 are :-

1 Callum Larkin  – points moved from 305 to 350 = 14.8%

2 Andy McLarney – points moved from 473 to 520 = 9.9%

3 Fraser Dorling  – points moved from 886 to 963 = 8.7%

4 Darren Smethurst – points moved from 937 to 1008 = 7.6%

5 Pat Russell – points moved from 834 to 896 = 7.4%