Advanced notice of IOMSRA End of Season Celebration and AGM to be held on Friday 30th July 2021 @ 7pm at JAKS Tap Room

Advanced notice of IOMSRA End of Season Celebration and AGM to be held on Friday 30th July 2021 @ 7pm at JAKS Tap Room

 The Isle Of Man Squash Rackets Association Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 30th July 2021 starting at 7pm. We have booked the Tap Room at JAKS and along with the AGM we will be celebrating the fact that we have completed the 2020-21 IOMSRA Squash season despite 2 interruptions by lockdowns. I am told by squash players ‘across’ that they are very envious that we have competed a season of competitive squash despite the threat of COVID.

Do make every effort to attend this End of Season Celebration, JAKS will provide food and of course drink. So do put this date in your diary and make every effort to attend. 

If you are interested in joining the IOMSRA Committee that would be great, let one of the existing Committee members know and I am sure that they will be able to tell you more about the various positions on the Committee. 

Two positions on the Committee will need to be filled at the AGM as the current occupants will not be standing for re-election. The posts are those of League Secretary currently held by Steve Baker and Press Secretary currently held by Fiona Baker. These are key positions and really do need to be filled.  

The League Secretary is responsible for organising the IOMSRA squash leagues. The Press Secretary is responsible for writing articles to be published in the local press and on the IOMSRA Website and Facebook sites. If you download the PDF document shown below it tells you a bit more about these posts and the responsibilities the holders have. 

League and Press Secretary Duties

Please do seriously consider if you would have the energy and ability to do these jobs. Steve and Fiona Baker would be happy to talk to you about the jobs and give you lots of support when you first start doing the job. 

I have also attached a PDF copy of the current League Rules, these can only be changed at the IOMSRA AGM. You may think the rules can be improved in someway or you have concerns or issues with the rules. The AGM Is the time to raise any issues and with the agreement of the members change them. So if you would like to highlight issues than please raise this with the League Secretary or another Committee member to see if the amendment would have the support of the Committee and Members.   

IOM SRA Squash Leagues Rules 2021-2022

Finally I have attached a copy of the IOMSRA Season Schedule for the upcoming season (2021-2022). This Schedule specifies the weeks that League Fixtures, Tournaments and Breaks for holidays will take place during the season. This document will help you to know the structure of the season. 

IOMSRA Squash Calendar 2021-2022

Do please familiarise yourself with these documents as they are important to planning and organising the upcoming season.   


Nathan Mead Wins Utmost Wealth Solutions Isle Of Man Closed Squash Championship 2021

Nathan Mead Wins Utmost Wealth Solutions Isle Of Man Closed Squash Championship 2021

The Isle Of Man Closed Squash Championships took place at the NSC from Monday 14th June through to Friday 18th June. The event was well supported with an entry of 30 competitors and it was played using the Monrad or Swiss system. Using this system players have a match in each round, the winners move to the top of the draw and the losers move to the bottom of the draw. By the end of the tournament the players each have a tournament ranking from 1 through to 30 with the number 1 spot being the overall winner, who is of course undefeated.

In round one the closest matches normally occur between the players ranked 16 and 17 who this time were Peter Ginty and Richard Cretney. Cretney eventually beat Ginty in four very close games and therefore progressed to the higher half of the draw. All the other matches were 3-0 results to the higher ranked opponent with the exception of two. Junior Ben Leith played really good squash to take Steve Baker to five games, eventually losing 11-2 in the deciding game. The other close match was between Dave O’Neill and Racketeer Fraser Dorling, experience triumphing over youth in this match too but O’Neill had to work hard to get his 3-1 win with two of the games going to setting.

In Round 2 the 16 players who won their matches were now in the top half of the draw and the losing players in the bottom half. The top half mainly went according to seeding with 3-0 results except for the matches between the players seeded 8-9 and 7-10. Toby Woolard, seeded 8th, had five very close games with James Ramsey, coming back from 2-1 down to take the match. The 7th seed Mason McLarney lost to the lower ranked Olly Wait in five very closely contested games, the third going all the way to 19-17. The lower half of the draw also went to seeding with the exception of two matches: Les Callow beat Leighton Ginty 3-2 and Lance Wyllie got the better of his team-mate Phil Butler 3-1.

The next round of the competition saw the Quarter Finals where the eight players yet to be defeated met to determine the semi-finalists. The three top seeds, Nathan Mead, Dave Norman and Thom Whiteway all booked their places in the Semi-finals without dropping games while Pat Fitzpatrick dropped only one game in his win over fellow AON player Jason Crease to claim the other spot. The matches in the 9 to 16 grouping all ended in 3-0 results to the higher ranked players. The encounters in the third quarter of the draw, players ranked 17 to 24, resulted in 3-0 wins for Peter Ginty and Fraser Dorling while Ben Leith had a cracking battle with Harvey Douglas just triumphing 3-2 and Isaac Quayle beat his coach Les Callow 3-1. In the bottom quarter (25 to 32) there was another 3-2 result for Harry Douthwaite over the veteran Brian Cowley.

The Semi-final round was played on Thursday night. There were not many upsets lower down the draw but Fraser Dorling battled well to overcome Isaac Quayle, while higher up the draw an energetic Chris Cave beat AON teammate Mason McLarney. Two other matches ended 3-1 as junior Christian Webster beat Merseyside over 60s player Dave O’Neil and James Ramsey defeated Steve Baker achieving an 11-0 result in the second game. Undoubtedly the match of the round was the semi-final between the second and third seeds, Dave Norman and Thom Whiteway. Whiteway showed all his fighting qualities and played his best squash to come back from 2-0 down and level the match score at 2-2. The final game was fairly tense with players taking it in turns to get clear by a few points, eventually levelling at 10-10. Both players lost and saved match points with Norman eventually clinching the final game by a score of 15-13.

So to the final round of matches which determine the players finishing position in the tournament. In the lower half of the draw Leighton Ginty, Lance Wyllie and Emma Leith took 3-0 wins to claim the 25, 23 and 21 positions respectively. In the upper half Richard Cretney beat the higher ranked Dave O’Neill 3-1 for the 15th slot. The 5th spot went to the experienced Hamish Thornton who beat Jason Crease 3-2, each game going to the winning player by a convincing score.

The Plate Final was between work colleagues, junior player Ben Leith and Fraser Dorling. Ben Leith who has improved his ranking points significantly throughout this tournament was a worthy 3-1 winner. He is really developing into a fine young player and if he continues at his present rate one day he may be playing in the actual final.

The final was between top seed and last years winner, Nathan Mead, and 25 times tournament winner Dave Norman, both of whom had played quality squash throughout the tournament. The great squash continued throughout the final with both players battling hard to grab the first game, Mead just clinching it 15-13. Mead then seemed to gain the ascendency and took the next two games 11-6 to retain the trophy.

The IOMSRA would like to thank Utmost Wealth Solutions for sponsoring the tournament and the competitors would like to thank tournament organiser Thom Whiteway for running the event so efficiently.

IOM Champion for 2021 – Nathan Mead

A Group Photo of some of the Competitors after the Tournament


Nathan Mead wins IOM Closed Championship 2021

Nathan Mead wins IOM Closed Championship 2021

The Isle of Man Squash Rackets Association (IOMSRA) ran their closed Squash Championships this week. This event is only open to players who can represent the Isle Of Man and was sponsored by Utmost Wealth Solutions.   

A full report on the Tournament will follow this article early next week but for now here are some photos of the winners receiving their prizes from Christopher Biddulph of Utmost Wealth Solutions. 

Winner – Nathan Mead

Runner Up – Dave Norman

Plate Winner – Ben Leith 

Plate Runner Up – Fraser Dorling

A group photo showing some of the Tournament competitor


Juniors catch up on postponed matches

Juniors catch up on postponed matches

The two Junior Academy squash teams had to postpone some league fixtures due to important exams, and these matches were played over the half-term week. 

Argosy Junior Academy played two B league matches in one week and lost both 3-2. They started with a close encounter with Racketeers Pioneers, the latter teams top two players Dafydd Lewis and Baillie Watterson both recording good 3-1 and 3-0 wins. The third victorious racketeer was Marc Taggart who, after watching his 2-0 lead being clawed back to 2-2 by Ben Leith, just edged the fifth 15-12. The Juniors wins came through Isaac Quayle who defeated James Leith, while his team mate Emma was the only Leith to win on the night, defeating the Racketeers chief strategist Andy Dalrymple 3-0. 

Their second match was against Outcasts whose top two players Chris Cave and Liam Davies both triumphed 3-0 over Isaac Quayle and Harvey Douglas respectively. However the Juniors lower order players Leighton Ginty and Ben Leith both played well, with Leighton winning 3-1 against Stuart Highy and Ben winning 3-1 against Mark Henson. The closest match of the night was between Emma Leith and Outcasts captain Peter Ginty, with Ginty eventually clinching the win for Outcasts 3-2 in five very close competitive games.

The C league junior team, Chrystals Junior Academy, played the Falcons in their rearranged fixture and it turned into another tight contest. The Juniors won the two top order matches with the much improved Leighton Ginty and captain Beth Jones gaining 3-0 and 3-1 victories over their opponents, with the match between Beth Jones and Lance Wyllie being particularly exciting and very close with just 4 points separating the players when the points were totalled up. However the lower three contests were all convincingly won 3-0 by the Falcons’ Vicky Watterson, Simon Jones and Sarah Simpson, giving Falcons the overall victory.

The Picture shows three of the Chrystals Junior Academy team that played the Falcons. Left to Right – Leighton Ginty, Callum Larkin and Harrison Callow. 
The other 2 team members not included in the picture were Beth Jones (Captain) and Amaline Batty.


Utmost Wealth Solutions Isle Of Man Closed Squash Championship 2021

Utmost Wealth Solutions Isle Of Man Closed Squash Championship 2021

The Utmost Wealth Solutions Isle Of Man Closed Squash Championships is scheduled to be played at the NSC in mid June this year. Matches will take place between 6pm and 9pm, with the first round taking place on Monday 14th June, subsequent rounds will be played throughout the week with the final scheduled for about 7.30 pm on Friday 18th June. Spectators are free to attend and will witness some top class squash played by the Islands leading players. 

The top seed and last years winner is Nathan Mead, previously a top ranked England junior player, he is based in Gloucester and currently represents that county. He qualifies to represent the Isle of Man as his father is a Manx man. The second seed will be Dave Norman who is reaching the twilight of his squash career, but is still a dominant force in IOM Squash and remains undefeated this season. He has won the IOM championships on 25 occasions and was silver medallist in the last Island Games. 

Apart from these two there will be the usual suspects as other contenders; the experienced Ashley Sandyford-Sykes is currently number 2 on the IOMSRA rankings list, IOM team captain Thom Whiteway, IOM junior development coach Pat Fitzpatrick and ex new Zealand junior champion Hamish Thornton could all cause upsets on their day. 

The picture above shows the two top seeds in the Tournament. The current defending champion Nathan Mead is on the left and on the right is Dave Norman, he has dominated Manx squash for the last 25 years.