Team AON advance in A league

Team AON advance in A league

Argosy Allstars were left still seeking their first win of the season as team AON beat them 4-1 in their A league match. AON’s top two,Pat Fitzpatrick and Jason Crease, wasted no time in achieving 3-0 results while at third string Mason McLarney had a real battle with Rob Boyles eventually winning 3-2 for AON. At number 5 Chris Cave dropped the first game to Allstar Dave Hedley but fought back well to take the next three. The Allstars only winner on the night was Steve Morley who seems to be developing a game plan of taking the match to 5 games.

Cannell Print failed to break StoneArt’s unbeaten run as StoneArt came out on top as 4-1 winners of the match. StoneArt’s Hamish Thornton and Angus Hopkinson both won without dropping a game as did Cannell’s Oliver Wait. The match between Rob Colquitt and Lyndon Cheetham was a close encounter but Cheetham managed to get the important points to come out a 3-1 winner. StoneArt’s Jason Blue is relocating to Manchester at the end of the month so was in determined mood in his final match for his team, ending his tenure at the top of the StoneArt playing order with a 3-1 win.

A strong Sharks side outplayed the Island Tyres and Exhausts proving they are serious title contenders for this years B league title. Greg Ansara came back from losing the first game to win 3-1 for Sharks at five, while his team-mates Dave Freer and Alan Macnair both won 3-0. The other two matches were very close, both going to five games, however Sharks eventually came away with maximum points as Magnus Lamprecht and Douglas Jacobsson beat David O’Neill and Shaun Wylie respectively in two close fought battles.

Argosy Juniors had a great result over Racketeers Pioneers. Isaac Quayle, Emma Leith, Christian Webster and Oliver Wait dispatched they opponents in straight games playing great attacking squash and having too much athleticism for the Racketeers players. The Racketeers sole win was through Marc Taggart who got revenge on Ben Leith who had beaten him last time they met. Argosy Juniors won 4-1 in matches and 235-186 in points.

Outcasts maintained their winning record with a 4-1 win over Crowe Dragons. Outcasts middle order players Chis Cave, Liam Davies and Mark Henson all won with Davies the only one to drop a game. The Dragons success came through Julien Uzzell who had three very close games with Pat Russell but managed to win the vital points, their points score was 45-40 which shows how evenly matched these two players are. The closest duel of this match was between Angus Hopkinson and Dragon James Martin. The ranking points of these players suggested the match would be close and it certainly was but on this occasion Hopkinson got the win in five very tight games.

In the C league Island Exhaust Vets managed to maintain their unbeaten run against a determined Outcasts team coming away with maximum points. Ian Sheard dropped the only game of the night against a very determined Andy McLarney who played plenty of good drop shots and ran Ian close in each of the other games. Gerrit du Toit, Les Callow, and Peter Sharples all won 3-0 as did Mark Stratford when his opponent unfortunately had to retire injured at the end of the second game

The Falcons lost 3-2 to Chrystal’s Junior Academy in a close match. The Falcons top player Julien Uzzell won in three straight games against Beth Jones and Sarah Simpson at number five continued her winning streak beating Callum Larkin 3-0. However the juniors middle order players all produced good results with Amaline Batty, Leighton Ginty and Emma Leith all getting wins for the juniors.

Santander Racketeers Academy hosted their sister team Hansard Racketeers in a very close battle at the NSC courts. Hansard Racketeers collected more points (215) than their opposition (208) though the Santander Racketeers won 4 of the 5 matches and collected the bonus 25 points in order to take the overall victory. Santander’s much improved Andrew Brown won 3-1 but his teammates Fraser Dorling, Harry Douthwaite and Martin Greenwood all worked harder for their 3-2 wins. Hansards only winner was captain Steven Wright who had a convincing 3-0 win.

The Team photo above features Team AON. Back row – left to right – Jason Crease, Chris Cave, Pat Fitzpatrick and Robin Crease (Captain). Front row – left to right – Mason McLarney, Liam Davis and Dafydd Lewis 


Outcasts Outclass Opponents to remain undefeated in Division B

Outcasts Outclass Opponents to remain undefeated in Division B

StoneArt maintained their undefeated record in the division A as we reach the half-way point in the league calendar. Their match against AON commenced in the lower order where Angus Hopkinson and Lyndon Cheetham put StoneArt into a 2-0 lead with 3-1 victories over their respective opponents. Hamish Thornton took the third win for StoneArt with a 3-1 victory against Jason Crease while Mason McLarney took the only victory for AON. The match of the night was between the top players, StoneArts Jason Blue and AON’s Pat Fitzpatrick. Blue started well taking the first game but went on to lose the next two as Fitzpatrick settled into the match. However Blue stepped up and took the next two games to win the match resulting in an overall 4-1 victory for StoneArt. 

Crazies claimed their first win of the season with a 5-0 victory over Argosy Allstars. Crazies Mark Webster-Smith won 3-0 while team-mates James Ramsey and Dave Freer each dropped a game on the way to their wins. Steve Morley almost got the Allstars only victory but in the end just lost to Mike Hayler 3-2 in a close match with an 11-10 scoreline in the fifth and final game. The other 3-2 match was between Island players Ashley Sandyford-Sykes and Malcolm Levy. Levy started well to go 2-0 up but the determined Ash fought back to claim the match 11-4 in the fifth.  

Outcasts continued their unbeaten run in the B league with a good 4-1 win over Island Tyres and Exhausts. Mark Henson, Peter Ginty and Liam Davies got the evening rolling with 3-0 wins over Pete Sharples, Ian Sheard and Magnus Lamprecht. At two Chris Cave won his first game comfortably 15-4 against Richard Cretney, but Richard tied 1-1 with a close 15-14 game forcing Chris to work harder to win the last 2 games. Shaun Wyllie pulled one match back for Exhausts with a 3-0 win over Angus Hopkinson.

It was a comfortable victory for Argosy Junior Academy over Crowe Dragons. The juniors continued to show improvement against a makeshift Dragons team who struggled to field a competitive team due to sickness and injury. The first encounter saw Beth Jones play Harvey Douglas in what turned out to be the match of the night. Both players played some tight squash, with Douglas eventually taking the match in the fifth game. In the next match, Fatheha Essa guested up for the Dragons and put in a spirited performance against her higher ranked opponent Isaac Quayle, eventually losing 3-0. Ben Leith’s energy and shot selection proved too much for Julien Uzzell with Ben winning 3-1. First and second seed matches both ended 3-0 in favour of the Juniors who ended the night with a 5-0 win.

The match between the Sharks and the Racketeers Pioneers was a very tight affair as can be seen by the points result, 235-212.  Racketeers actually won more individual points but Sharks ended up winning the match by taking four of the five matches through Douglas Jacobsson, Dave O’Neill, Dave Freer and Greg Ansara. The individual matches were close with only one being less than four games but overall the result was a good win for Sharks who faced significant resistance from the Racketeers.

Hansard Racketeers came perilously close to calming their first victory of the C League season on Tuesday but the Falcons ultimately netted the decisive 25 bonus points with the final shot of a ding-dong, five-game battle between number ones Matt Corlett and Julien Uzzell. The latter triumphing 15/14 in the deciding game. All of the match’s individual ties were hard-fought, Dave Johnson and Tom Burrows winning at four and five for the Racketeers. Phil Butler then battled back from two games down to beat Lucy Kerr 3-2 to get Falcons on the board. Lewi Long and Julien Uzzell then wrapped up the Falcons’ third win of the term.

Chrystals Junior Academy hosted Buchanan & Pitts Misfits and with four matches going to four games it was a close night. At number one Emma Leith played brilliantly to take a game off of the very powerful Mark Henson, however his pace was just too much with Mark finishing 3-1. At two Leighton Ginty took the win for the juniors as his very impressive court coverage proved too energetic for the Misfits’ Andy Dixon. The juniors other win of the night came from Amaline Batty who kept the ball low and tight, out of the long reach of Terry Holt. Callum Larkin put up a good fight against Jay Dernie in four very close games but Dernie’s power prevailed as he took the win for Misfits. At five, with some great and lengthy rallies, Elliot Henson won 3-0 against a determined young Harrison Callow to give the Misfits the final bonus points with three match wins. 

Outcasts Dragons had a whitewash victory against Santander Racketeers Academy. Fraser Dorling and Martin Greenwood provided most resistance for the Racketeers taking one game each from Stuart Highy and Chloe Corrigan. Dragons Phil Whittam, Andy McLarney and Fatheha Essa all managed 3-0 victories against Harry Douthwaite, Allan Bashforth and Charlie Beard respectively. Outcast Dragons remain title contenders having dropped only 48 points to date.   

The Outcasts Team is pictured above. They are from left to right – Chris Cave, Angus Hopkinson, Liam Davies, Mark Henson and Peter Ginty (Captain)






Location – NSC, Douglas 

Format – Swiss System (match each round) 

Dates – Monday 9, Tuesday 10, Thursday 12 and Friday 13 November 2020. Start time @6.00pm 

Competitors – No Restriction to entries

Closing Date for Entries – Friday 6 November

Cost – £20 for Seniors and £15 for Juniors(pay on first night of the Tournament) 

For further details contact Les Callow at 

Email – / Text – 07624 494734

To Enter Open the following URL and fill out the form –




Sharks put in Killer performance to Finish with Maximum Points

Sharks put in Killer performance to Finish with Maximum Points

Table toppers Cannell Print took on the Crazies in the A league last week, winning 4-1. Josh Green and Ben Peach both secured 3-0 wins continuing their recent strong form for the printers. Youngster Oliver Wait took on Mike Hayler of the Crazies and after taking the first game the second was a tighter affair but Wait pulled through taking it 19-17 and kept the momentum going to win 3-0. Crazies captain Ashley Sandyford-Sykes took the only win for his team 3-1. Last on was the returning duo of Rob Colquitt, fresh from an injury layoff, and David Freer, released from quarantine. Dave’s hard hitting game seemed too much for Rob in the first two games, but a change of tactic saw Rob pull the match back to 2-2. The decider saw Rob pull out a healthy lead which in the end Dave was unable to pull back.

StoneArt maintained their unbeaten record with a 3-2 win over Argosy Allstars. StoneArts’ triumphant trio were the experienced Hamish Thornton, the energetic Toby Woolard and enigmatic Lyndon Cheetham who all won 3-0. Argosy Allstars victories came through Malcolm Levy 3-0 and Rob Boyles who dropped just one game on his way to a 3-1 win over his higher ranked opponent.

In the B league Island Tyres and Exhausts had a tough evening on court losing four out of five matches against a determined Crowe Dragons team. First up was promising newcomer Phil Butler who lost 3-0 to the more experienced Beth Jones despite some good rallies. Peter Sharples took the first game against in-form Dragon Darren Smethurst but went on to lose 3-1. Rich Cretney and Shaun Wylie both played good squash and battled hard against Dave Hedley and James Martin respectively but went down 3-0. The only win for Exhausts came from Magnus Lamprecht who beat Mark Grace 3-0.

A makeshift Racketeers Pioneers were on the receiving end of a heavy defeat at the hands of Outcasts last week. Missing, two of their usual top three, the Racketeers were well beaten in the B League encounter 250/125, 5-0. Wrapping up the convincing victory for their side were Angus Hopkinson, Chris Cave, Liam Davies, Mark Henson and skipper Peter Ginty.

Sharks were just that little bit too strong and experienced for Argosy Junior Academy resulting in a 5-0 win. However the points score of 250-164 showed that the games were competitive with the Juniors putting up a strong fight in all matches. Harvey Douglas was the only junior to win a game, taking the third in his match against Dave O’Neill. Douglas Jacobsson, Alan Macnair, Dave Freer and Greg Ansara all had 3-0 wins for Sharks.

In the C league Outcast Dragons beat Chrystal JuniorAcademy 4-1. Juniors youngest player, Harrison Callow, continues to improve and gave a good account of himself despite losing 3-0 to Chloe Corrigan. Calum Larkin maintained his season’s good form in defeating Dragon’s Fatheha Essa 3-1 at fourth string with his drop shots proving to be the deciding factor in this encounter. Phil Whittam beat Amaline Batty 3-0 at second string and the match of the night was between Leighton Ginty and Dragon’s captain Stuart Highy.  Although Highy won 3-0 all three games were very close and featured some spectacular, lengthy rallies.

Island Exhaust Vets had to work really hard to hold on to their unbeaten record in a well fought and close match with Santander Academy Racketeers. Vets got off to the worst possible start at number 1 where Racketeer Andrew Brown’s court coverage and dominance of the T meant that Mark Stratford could not establish himself in the match and lost 3-0. Unfortunately for Racketeers that was their only win of the night as Ian Sheard, Les Callow and Gerrit du Toit all took the spoils for Exhausts in the lower order games. The match of the night was undoubtedly at number 2 with Peter Sharples having to play his best team squash of the season to beat Fraser Dorling with some excellent rallies.

Buchanan & Pitts Misfits went down for their first loss of the season against Falcons who claimed their first win. John Watterson got Misfits off to a good start winning 3-1 against Phil Butler in what turned out to be the longest match of the night. The other matches were all over in three games. At number one Mark Henson had an excellent game against Julian Uzzell taking a second win for Misfits. However Falcons players Lewi Long, Vicky Watterson and Jon Cox beat Andy Dixon, Stephen Pitts and Chris Gledhill respectively to secure the match for Falcons 232-172.

The Sharks Team is pictured above. They are from left to right – Alan Macnair, Douglas Jacobsson, Dave Freer (Captain), Dave O’Neill and Greg Ansara.

Cannell Print beat weakened Team AON who were stretched with no Creases

Cannell Print beat weakened Team AON who were stretched with no Creases

In the A league a strong Cannell Print took on a weakened Team AON who were stretched with no Creases. In-form Cannell Print duo James Martin and Ben Peach took 3-0 wins over Liam Davies and Dafydd Lewis. At two, the ever improving Joshua Green also sealed a 3-0 win against Mason McLarney of Team AON. Cannell Print number four Oliver Wait made a strong start against Chris Cave taking a 2-0 lead. Cave pulled the game back to 2-2 with some dogged retrieving despite his shoes falling apart mid game but Wait pushed up the court and won the decider 11-4. Thomas Whiteway and Patrick Fitzpatrick renewed rivalries in a match that went one way then the other. Fitzpatrick went 2-1 up with some tight squash and lead the fourth game 5-1 before Whiteway pulled the game back and eventually secured the 5-0 win for Cannell Print taking the final game 16-14.

The other A league match saw StoneArt winning 3-2 against Crazies. StoneArts’s senior players Hamish Thornton and Lyndon Cheetham used their years of experience to get 3-0 wins against younger opposition. The last time Jason Blue played Crazies Ashley Sandyford-Sykes was in the final of the Manx Telecom Dave Karran tournament about three weeks ago when Ash won 3-0. Jason did better this time to take the first game and very nearly edging the third but he went down 3-1. The other two matches were very close 3-2 encounters with StoneArt’s Toby Woolard coming back from 2-1 down to clinch his victory over Mark Webster-Smith and the Crazies Mike Hayler winning 12-10 in the fifth in his match with Angus Hopkinson. 

In the B league Crowe Dragons took their first win of the season with a 3-2, 239-190 win over Racketeers Pioneers. The Dragons were too strong in the top order matches with James Martin, Dave Hedley and Peter Ferguson all getting 3-0 or 3-1 wins. However the Racketeers fought back in the lower string matches with James Leith and Barry Irvine both winning the ‘money’ points in their close matches to get very valuable points for the Racketeers. 

Outcasts continued their unbeaten start to the season when they played Sharks, but it was a close result. Mark Henson had a comfortable win against Gary Proctor who was making his debut for Sharks. Dave O’Neill returned the favour with a comfortable win over Liam Davies. Chris Cave lost a close game 2-3 to Doug Jacobsson and Pat Russell had a close win over Greg Ansara 3-2. With the match evenly poised it was all down to the top string encounter where Angus Hopkinson sealed the win for Outcasts by beating Alan Macnair 3-0.

It was a tough match for Argosy Juniors against a very strong unbeaten Island Tyres and Exhausts team. Dependable Richard Cretney, determined Liam Townsend and debutant Damien Loughrey all won without dropping games. Island Tyres captain Magnus Lamprecht had to work a bit harder and dropped a game on his way to a win over Harvey Douglas. The stand-out match of the night though was between number one Argosy junior Olly Wait who overcame Shaun Wylie in five very close games. Island Tyres and Exhausts increase their lead at the top with a final score of 4-1, 249-157.

Hansard Racketeers tough start to the C League season continued with a 5-0 defeat at the hands of champions elect Island Exhausts Vets. Gerrit Du Toit had a straightforward win at five, joining Vets skipper Ian Sheard and Mark Stratford in claiming 3-0 wins. Peter Sharples and Les Callow were pushed a little harder in their 3-1 victories, Barry Irvine and Tom Burrows taking a game off their higher-ranked opponents.

Outcasts Dragons claimed their first win of the season with a 5-0 win over the Falcons. Although Dragons achieved maximum points it was a close encounter with three of the matches going to five games. Stuart Highy, Phil Whittam and Fatheha Essa all triumphed in the fifth game after getting their moneys worth against Falcons Vicky Watterson, Phil Butler and Jon Cox respectively. As all the matches were quite close the Falcons secured 193 points to the Dragons 250 maximum.

Santander Racketeers Academy hosted the Buchanan & Pitts Misfits in a long and ridiculously close night of squash. Four of the five matches went down to the final points in the fifth games. Fraser Dorling and Steven Wright took wins for the Santander’s Racketeers against their opponents Andy Dixon and Elliot Henson. However Mark Henson, Stephen Pitts and Chris Gledhill gave the Buchanan & Pitts Misfits the overall victory with wins against Andrew Brown, Charlie Beard and Martin Greenwood in what was a very empty NSC by the time the final game was completed. The overall score was 3-2, 240-221 showing just how close these two teams are. 

The Team Photo is of Argosy Junior Academy.  Top Row, left to right – Isaac Quayle, Harvey Douglas, Oliver Wait and Captain & Coach Pat Fitzpatrick. Bottom Row, left to right – Christian Webster, Emma Leith and Ben Leith