Dandara Falcons continue their winning record

Dandara Falcons continue their winning record

Cannell Print got off to a great start in the division A winter league with a 177-145 points win over StoneArt, dropping only three points in total. The matches were very close with three of them ending in 3-2 results. Cannell captain Thomas Whiteway had another close encounter with Jason Blue just winning 11-8 in the fifth, these two always have close matches. StoneArt player Hamish Thornton used all his experience to come back from 2-0 down against Josh Green. Shaun Wyllie versus Rob Colquitt was the other five game match with Colquitt eventually winning for Canell.

Team AON made it two wins out of two matches when they beat Crazies 4-1. Robin and Jason Crease both won 3-0 restricting their opponents to just 12 and 13 points respectively. Dafydd Lewis and recent signing Toby Woolard both dropped games but got 3-1 victories for AON. The resistance from Crazies came through captain Ashley Sandyford-Sykes who was recently crowned Merseyside Over 45s champion. Ash beat Patrick Fitzpatrick 3-1 although sadly Pat had to retire due to injury at the start of the third game.

In Division B the Junior Academy team gained yet more valuable experience against league leaders Outcasts who took the match 4-1. Outcasts Toby Woolard, Mark Henson and Peter Ginty all saw off their younger opponents 3-0. The Junior’s Amaline Batty has had some injury problems recently but did well to push Stuart Highy close losing 45-42 in the end. Academy assistant coach Ben Peach got the Juniors only game in a thrilling 3-2 win over the Outcasts number one Nathan Quilliam.      

The Derivco Sharks had another 3-2 result in their match against Crowe Dragons. The Sharks took all three middle order matches with scores of 3-0 through Dave O’Neill, Alan McNair and Mark Stratford. Crowe Dragons successes came at the top and bottom of the playing order with Dave Hedley and Beth Jones both also securing 3-0 wins. This was a low scoring encounter as all the matches ended 3-0 so the match score was  216-170 to the Sharks.

Island Tyres and Exhausts won 3-2 last week but this week the scoreline was the other way around as they went down 3-2 to Racketeers Pioneers. Racketeers victories came through Dafydd Lewis (3-0), Joe Burrows (3-2) and Barry Irvine (3-1). The home teams winners were Steve Baker (3-0) and Magnus Lamprecht (3-0). The overall points score before the bonus points were added was 197-194 in the Racketeers favour.

In the C league Dandara Falcons players came into their match against Hansard Racketeers feeling confident  after winning their opening fixture. It was this confidence along with determination that saw their seasoned players like Lewi Long battling to a 3-2 win, Jon Cox winning 3-0 and captain Vusimbe Zivave just coming out on top by a score of 45-42 in his match. Hansard players Mark Harrop and Joe Burrows got the better of Falcons Julien Uzzell and Simon Jones to secure the two wins for Hansard Racketeers. The overall match score was 213-199 to the Falcons.

The match between Junior Academy C and Outcasts Dragons provided a very good night of squash with close matches resulting in scores in the high 30’s and the 40’s. Young Callum Larkin had a great game against Helen Cave, just losing out with a final score of 42-45 but showing a super improvement already since the start of this season. Asad Awan of the Junior team versus Fatheha Essa of the Dragons was also a long, hard fight with all five games scoring high points. Essa took the final game ending the match 43-45. Leighton Ginty put up a strong fight against Stuart Highy with some incredibly long and entertaining rallies and managed to seal the Juniors’ only win of the night at 45-40.

Buchanan & Pits Misfits took an overall win against Santander Racketeers Academy, with some close games. There were two 5 game matches with Misfits captain Andy Dixon outlasting Fraser Dorling and John Watterson’s experience proving the difference in his win over Steven Wright. Tom Burrows standing in while home from University for the Racketeers took the only win, with the overall score being 4-1 to the Misfits.

Recent league entries PwC Playables played against Island Exhaust Vets and this was always going to be a tough match as a young and relatively inexperienced team took on a much older and vastly experienced team. In this encounter experience was the winner with the Vets getting a 250-84 points win. Playables captain Chloe Corrigan gained 35 of her teams points in her 3-1 defeat to Mark Stratford. The Playables will improve with time and they were unfortunate to play such a strong team in only their second league fixture.     


Dandara Falcons – Back row, left to right – Simon Jones, Vusimbe Zivave (Captain) and Jon Cox. Front row, left to right – Sarah Simpson and Julien Uzzell 


Stephen Pitts – Player of the Month for December 2019

Congratulations to Stephen Pitts Player of the Month December 2019

Stephen Pitts is the IOMSRA Player of the Month for December 2019 with a point’s increase of 13.7%. Not many matches are played in December which explains the small increase but Stephen enjoyed two good results against higher ranked players.

Emma Leith was second as she went past the 750 points mark to achieve her highest ranking ever at 766 points. Emma represented the IOM at the Island Games in Gibraltar and the experience she gained there seems to be really pushing her to better and better performances.

The third placed player is Andy McLarney, he has increased his playing level by significant margins in his last four matches. He is a great addition to the Outcasts Dragons squad and has really helped them perform well and achieve some good results this season.

The five most improved players in December 2019 are –
1 Stephen Pitts – points moved from 408 to 464 = 13.7%
2 Emma Leith – points moved from 676 to 766 = 13.3%
3 Andy McLarney – points moved from 301 to 331 = 10%
4 Barry Irvine – points moved from 871 to 956 = 9.8%
5 Nathan Quilliam – points moved from 2188 to 2385 = 9%


Island Exhausts Vets gain maximum points in opening match of the winter league

Island Exhaust Vets gain maximum points in opening match of the winter league

The deciding match in this encounter was between Ashley Sandyford-Sykes and Jason Blue. Leading up to this match Crazies training partners Adam Corcoran and James Ramsey had both secured 3-1 wins in the bottom order matches. However StoneArt’s Hamish Thornton and Lyndon Cheetham levelled the match score at 2-2, Lyndon had a ‘classic’ match with Dave Freer, he was greatly encouraged by his team and just came through winning the 5th game 14-12. Ash and Jason were fighting for the 15 match bonus points, the Crazies captain Ash really did raise his game to beat his higher ranked opponent 3-0.           

Team AON managed to secure another 3-2 win in their match against Mid-Court-Criss (MCC). AON’s Robin and Jason Crease both played well to bag 3-0 wins. MCC’s Dave Norman and Dave O’Neill had to work a bit harder than the crease boys to get their 3-1 wins. The fifth string match was between Peter Ginty and Harvey Douglas, making his A league debut for MCC. Peter’s experience was the difference taking the match 3-2, the setting in 2 of the 5 games shows how close this match was.          

A good victory for Racketeers with them winning 3 of the 5 strings. Dafydd Lewis had a solid 3-0 win and Marc Taggart playing at 2 got the better of his Racketeers sparing partner Baillie Watterson 3-0. The third Racketeers victor was Joe Burrows, he really is moving up the rankings with every match. The Sharks successes came through James Ramsey and Alan McNair, with Alan being the only person to drop a game in the whole match. the overall points score was 222-184.     

Retiring captain Jon Shepherd leaves Crowe Dragons with a 5-0victory. The shock result of the night came at 1 with James Martin beating the much higher ranked and highly favoured EX dragon Ben Peach. In what was a reverse of the fixture pre Christmas as James took the spoils 3-1. Beth Jones overcame Isaac in another reverse of the pre Christmas fixture taking the win 3-2 after initially cruising to a 2-0 lead. Darren Smethurst also overcame his demons by finally beating Emma Leith! Jon Shepherd was made to work for his victory against the vastly improved and enthusiastic Ben Leith. The Doc (Dave Hedley) took a comfortable win at 2nd strIng against Christian Webster with a 45-20 win. This was a strong result to start the new year for the Dragons and some encouraging signs for a few of the junior players also!

At the end of this match, before the 25 winning bonus points were added Outcasts had 215 points and Island Tyres & Exhausts had 212 – just 3 points separated the 2 sides. Peter Baker gave the Exhausts the lead in a tough 3-2 battle, his father Steve Baker made it 2-0 to the Exhausts by winning his match 3-2. Magnus Lamprecht secured the 25 bonus points for the Exhausts by defeating his opponent in yet another 3-2 encounter. The Outcasts success came courtesy of Toby Woolard who won 3-1 and Chris Cave who just came out on top 3-0 in his match against the other Baker boy. It was a super matched between to evenly matched teams.

Doyle Stars enjoyed a friendly game to celebrate the arrival of PwC Playables into the C League! More adventures await. It was a little bit of a baptism of fire, as despite a spirited performance from PwC, Dohle ran out comfortable 4-1 winners on the night. Lots of positives for PwC to take, and a little more experience will see them with well in future matches. Many thanks to Meg Jenkinson for standing in at short notice and putting in a stellar performance to take Kunal Patel to 5 games in the best game of the night.

Island Exhaust Vets met the Junior Academy C tram in there first fixture of the winter league. Their experience told as they gained maximum points and all their players won 3-0. The junior Academy C league team are really a development team and they will improve as a result of playing these more experienced players. Academy player Harrison Callow made his league debut and did well to get 23 points of the experienced Les Callow.

Outcast Dragons achieved a good 4-1 result against Santander Academy Racketeers. There were 3-0 victories for Peter Ginty, Stuart Highy and Fatheha Essa. Dragons captain Darren Smethurst had the match of the night against Andrew Brown coming through 15-12 in there fifth game to achieve a 3-2 win. The Racketeers only win came through Charlie Beard who managed a good 3-1 win over a higher ranked opponent.

Dandara Falcons had a great match with Buchanan & Pitts Misfits just achieving the 3-2 win. Falcon’s Lewi Long and Misfit’s Andy Dixon and John Watterson all won without dropping games. It was the Falcons captain Vusimbe Zivave and their number 1 player Julien Uzzell who secured the points for the Falcons by battling hard for their 3-2 wins. Julien did particularly well to beat Misfits debutant Mark Henson, a player ranked well above him. 

The above picture is of the Island Exhausts Team. Back Row, left to right – Mark Stratford, Peter Sharples, Phil Shaw and Ian Sheard (Captain) . Front Row, left to right – Lee Loughren and Richard Cretney

Dandara Falcons awarded the IOMSRA D league trophy

Dandara Falcons – Autumn D League Trophy winners

Dandara Falcons are winners of the Autumn D League Trophy. The C league was split into a top 4 and a bottom 4 teams after week 7 of the fixtures, the top 4 played each other to determine the C league winners but the bottom 4 played each other to see who would win the D league trophy. Dandara Falcons came top out of these bottom 4 C league teams. 

After about 5 years of captaining the team Fiona Baker handed the captaincy over to Vusimbe Zivave this season and he has been aided by Lewi Long, they have done first-rate job. The core of their squad consisted of Julien Uzzell, Jon Cox, Simon Jones and Sarah Simpson. This squad has been supplemented by Peter Baker, Tom Blythe, Sion Morris, Kevin Cretney and Richard Lewy. 

Dandara Falcons squad members. Top row left to right – Simon Jones, Vusimbe Zivave (Captain) and Jon Cox. Front row left to right – Sarah Simpson and Julien Uzzell.

Congratulations to Island Exhaust Vets who are winners of the IOMSRA Autumn C league

Island Exhausts Vets – Autumn C League winners

Island Exhaust Vets won the Autumn C League title. The team lost two of their first three matches but when team regulars returned from holidays and became available to play they enjoyed an unbeaten run of seven matches to finish the season. They ended the league with a total of 2255 points which is an impressive match average of 225 points, bearing in mind the maximum points you could get in a match is 250 points.  

Experienced team captain Ian Sheard and his second lieutenant Peter Sharples have led the team well. The rest of the squad is Les Callow, Richard Cretney, Mark Stratford, Gerrit Du Toit, Lee Loughren, Phil Shaw and John Smith. 

Island Exhaust Vets squad players are pictured above. Top row left to right – Mark Stratford, Peter Sharples, Phil Shaw and Ian Sheard (Captain). Bottom row left to right –  Lee Loughren and Richard Cretney.