24 Hour cycle ride for charity

Manx Sports Development Officer – Gianni Epifani  writes – Just looking for some help – I’m doing a 24 hour ride on Saturday + Sunday, to help raise money for Isle of Man Foodbank, I know some of your clubs and members have been helping in the community get food to people who need it, which is fantastic.
If you could share the attached poster on your social media platforms that would be great, if you do Zwift I’d love the company for a few miles!

IOMSRA Squash Leagues Recap and Future Plans on 2019-2020 season 

IOMSRA Squash Leagues Recap and Future Plans on 2019-2020 season 

Due to the Coronavirus crisis all league fixtures in the IOMSRA Squash leagues along with the end of season tournaments have been postponed. I say postponed as we hope to get back on court before the next season starts.  

In the A league there are six fixtures left to play but it looks like it will take some strange results if Team AON are to relinquish their grip on the 2019-2020 title. Team AON under the leadership of Robin Crease and Pat Fitzpatrick are league leaders with 6 points shy of 1000 points. StoneArt and the Crazies are placed second and third with just a point separating them but they are both over 180 points behind AON so aren’t really challengers. Cannell Print and Mid Court Crisis are in 4th and 5th position but both have a match in hand over the three teams above them. Cannell Print have a very slim chance of catching Team AON and they are due to play them in the final scheduled match of league fixtures

The top two teams in the B league are the Outcasts and Derivco Sharks. They are followed by Crowe Dragons, Racketeers Pioneers and the much improved Junior Academy team. Island Tyres & Exhausts currently lie in bottom place. All these teams have two fixtures left to play to complete the season so this league really is a two horse race.  The much improved Derivco Sharks and Outcasts are due to play when fixtures resume and the winner of this could well determine where the league trophy ends up.

There are only five fixtures left in the C league. This is an introductory league giving players a chance to experience competitive league squash and it has been great to see new team PwC Playables enter this season and improve with each encounter. Dohle Stars have struggled with injury and availability but it has been really good to see them introduce lots of new players to league squash. The Junior Academy C team have improved with each match – juniors have a habit of doing just that. Established C league teams Santander Academy Racketeers, Hansard Racketeers, Buchanan & Pitts Misfits and Dandara Falcons have all had mixed performances this season. At times they have really struggled with player availability but they have all performed well and been competitive. Last seasons winners Island Exhausts Vets are currently undefeated and look like they will retain the C  league title. They are 90 points ahead of their closest rivals Outcasts Dragons and that is a gap that the Dragons will struggle to close with both these teams having just one remaining fixture. 

The plan is to reschedule these fixtures for future dates when social gatherings and sport become the norm again. However these are strange  and uncertain times and for that reason this decision is not set in stone but will be reviewed and may possibly be revised in the light of future news. 

The 2 teams battling it out to come top of Division B are pictured below –

Outcasts Team are pictured above. Back Row left to right – Chris Cave, Peter Ginty (Captain) and Nathan Quilliam. Front Row left to right – Toby Woolard and Mark Henson. Squad members not pictured – Liam Davies, Stuart Highy, Pat Russell and Phil Whittam. 

Derivco Sharks Team are picture above. Left to Right – Alan McNair, Dave Freer (Captain), Greg Ansara and Dave O’Neill. Baillie Watterson is pictured bottom right. Squad members not pictured are – James Ramsey, Douglas Jacobsson and Mark Stratford. 


IOMSRA Player of the Season 2019-2020 – Congratulations to All of the Top 10 players

IOMSRA Player of the Season 2019-2020 – Congratulations to All of the Top 10 players

This ‘Player of the Season’ Award is for the Most Improved Player over the last 12 months. But to qualify for this award players need to have a minimum level of 500 points 12 months ago and need to have played enough to have a good confidence factor in their level. 

The ten most improved players according to the above criteria for the 2019-2020 season are :–

1 Shaun Wyllie – points moved from 690 to 1561 = 126.2%

2 Joe Burrows – points moved from 713 to 1455 = 104.1%

3 Oliver Williams – points moved from 649 to 1165 = 79.5%

4 Joshua Green – points moved from 2036 to 3512 = 72.5%

5 Toby Woolard – points moved from 1074 to 1849 = 72.2%

6 Christian Webster – points moved from 635 to 1015 = 59.8%

7 Peter Baker – points moved from 529 to 838 = 58.4%

8 Oscar Hill – points moved from 4451 to 6751 = 51.7%

9 Fraser Dorling – points moved from 506 to 761 = 50.4%

10 James Ramsey – points moved from 1458 to 2182 = 49.7%

The Picture above shows the top ten most improved players. From left to right top row – 1.Shaun Wyllie, 2.Joe Burrows, 3.Oliver Williams, 4.Joshua Green and 5.Toby Woolard. From left to right bottom row – 6.Christian Webster, 7.Peter Baker, 8.Oscar Hill, 9.Fraser Dorling and 10.James Ramsey.  

Player of the season 2019-2020 – Winner – Shaun Wyllie

Player of the season 2019-2020 – Placed 1 – Shaun Wyllie

Shaun Wyllie is the IOMSRA Player of the Season for 2019-2020 with a ranking points improvement of 126.2% which is an incredible achievement and a testament to just how much Shaun has worked on his squash this season. As his Rugby career may be gradually coming to an end, his squash career is beginning to take off and I am sure Shaun will continue to progress up the rankings. 

Improvement rate –

Shaun Wyllie – points moved from 690 to 1561 = 126.2%

Player of the season 2019-2020 – Placed 2 – Joe Burrows

Player of the season 2019-2020 – Placed 2 – Joe Burrows

Joe Burrows is second and has more than doubled his ranking points this season. He is a good badminton player and this really has helped his squash develop quickly. He started the season playing ‘C’ league squash but has finished it playing at number 2 in the ‘B’ league. He is only young and if he continues to improve at his current rate next season the Racketeers will have to field a team in the ‘A’ league soon.

Improvement rate –

Joe Burrows – points moved from 713 to 1455 = 104.1%