Andy McLarney – Player of the month for January 2020

Congratulations to Andy McLarney Player of the Month  January 2020

Andy McLarney is the IOMSRA Player of the Month for January with a points increase of 23.9%. Andy is in his first season of league squash but his level is steadily progressing upwards as he gets more accustomed to the competitive game. 

Steve Baker was second and went past the 3000 points mark to achieve his highest playing level since the IOMSRA started using Squash Levels. Steve played two Masters Events that contributed to his points increase, coming second in the Merseyside over 50’s and winning the IOM event.

The third place went to IOM ladies player Beth Jones. Beth had to recover from some injuries earlier in the season but the rest seems to have done her good. She played four league fixtures in January and won all of them convincingly. 

The five most improved players in January 2020 are :–

1 Andy McLarney – points moved from 331 to 401 = 23.9%

2 Steve Baker – points moved from 2569 to 3169 = 23.4%

3 Beth Jones – points moved from 501 to 601 = 20%

4 Joe Burrows – points moved from 868 to 1012 = 16.6%

4 Dafydd Lewis – points moved from 1780 to 2075 = 16.6%

Player of the month for January 2020 is Andy McLarney, he is pictured above.


Blue triumphs over Thornton in IOMSRA Elites Final

Blue Triumphs over Thornton in IOMSRA Elites Final

The IOMSRA staged the annual Elites and Masters tournament last week. This event incorporates a ‘Monrad’ tournament for the top 12 players that enter (Elite players) and round robin style tournaments for competitors that enter the Over 40’s, Over 50’s and Over 60’s age category events.

The Elites event generally went according to seeding and culminated in a final between StoneArt teammates Jason Blue and Hamish Thornton. However a special mention must go to Oliver Wait who performed really well to get to the third place play off match which he eventually lost 3-0 to Jason Crease.

The final between Jason and Hamish turned out to be a very entertaining match between youth and experience. Jason took the first game but Hamish came back to take the next two games only for Jason to win the fourth. At two games all and 5 all in the fifth game, the match could have gone either way but Jason stepped up and took the next six points to claim the Elites title.     

The Over 40’s was won by Hamish Thornton, who doubled up his matches by playing in both the Elites and the Over 40’s. He got the better of runner up Dave Freer denying him even one game in his 3-0 victory.

Steve Baker won all his Over 50’s matches 3-0 and in doing so retained the Over 50’s trophy. The runner up was Dave O’Neill who himself won all his matches 3-0 with the exception of his final match against Steve. In this final Steve played his best squash of the tournament to limit Dave’s scoring and take the match in straight games.

Dave O’Neill did however enjoy some success by retaining his Over 60’s title. The runner up to him was his Merseyside Over 60’s team-mate Peter Sharples who fought hard but eventually lost by a score of 3-1 with Peter playing particularly well to take the second game.

The trophies and prizes were presented by Bill and Brian Karran who have sponsored the tournament for many years. The IOMSRA is very thankful to Bill and Brian for their long and continued support. 

The photograph above is of competitors on the IOMSRA Elites and Masters Event.


SRA Cup – The PLAN

SRA Cup – The PLAN 

The SRA Cup will be played as a BLITZ Tournament (players play each other continuously for 16 minutes and record points won) but also a Team ‘Monrad’ competition (with the winning team in a match taking the lower numbered team position). The event is also Handicapped so players points will be weighted/adjusted in light of their squash levels ranking points. There are 8 teams entered, they are shown below. The Event will take place between 2.00 and 5.00 on Saturday 8th February.

Pictured below are the Defending Champions – Derivco Sharks 

The format for a match will be as follows :-

Number 1 players play :-

0 – 2 minutes knock up

2 – 18 minutes play raleigh and record points

18 – 19 minutes clear court   

Number 2 players play :-

0 – 2 (19 – 21) minutes knock up

2 – 18 (21 – 37) minutes play raleigh and record points

18 – 19 (37 – 38) minutes clear court   

Number 3 players play :-

0 – 2 (38 – 40) minutes knock up

2 – 18 (40 – 56) minutes play raleigh and record points

18 – 19 (56 – 57) minutes clear court   

Note – we are allowing 4 minutes to process the results and sort out the next round of matches

Round 1 will be played from 2.00 to 3.00

Round 2 will be played from 3.00 to 4.00

Round 3 will be played from 4.00 to 5.00


The order of Play is as follows –

2.00 to 3.00 – Round 1

Court 1 – Team 1 v Team 8

Court 2 – Team 2 v Team 7

Court 4 – Team 3 v Team 6

Court 5 – Team 4 v Team 5

3.00 to 4.00 – Round 2

Court 1 – Team 1 v Team 4

Court 2 – Team 2 v Team 3

Court 4 – Team 5 v Team 8

Court 5 – Team 6 v Team 7

4.00 to 5.00 – Round 3 – FINAL Round

Court 1 – Team 1 v Team 2

Court 2 – Team 3 v Team 4

Court 4 – Team 5 v Team 6

Court 5 – Team 7 v Team 8


The Teams that have entered are –

-Buchanan & Pitts Misfits A Team

Andy Dixon (C), John Watterson and Elliot Henson

-Buchanan & Pitts Misfits B Team

Beth Jones, Stephen Pitts (C) and  Allan Walkingshaw

-Junior Academy P Team

Pat Fitzpatrick (C), Harvey Douglas, Emma Leith and Callum Larkin

-Junior Academy O Team

Oliver Wait (C), Christian Webster, Isaac Quayle, Max Birchall and Richard Webster

-Junior Academy B Team

Ben Peach (C), Ben Leith, Amaline Batty and Leighton Ginty

-All Fun and Game

Lewi Long, Fatheha Essa (C) and Vusimbe Zivave (C)

-Derivco Sharks

Dave Freer (C), Dave O’Neill, Alan McNair, Baillie Watterson, Mark Stratford and Greg Ansara

-Outcasts Dragons

Peter Ginty (C), Stuart Highy and Phil Whittam 

Reserve Players (willing to play if a player drops out) :-

Jason Blue and Magnus Lamprecht

IOMSRA Elites and Masters Finals night

IOMSRA Elites and Master Finals night 

The Finals of the IOMSRA Elites and Masters Tournaments were played last night. I will write and publish a full Report in the coming week but for now here are some photographs from the Tournament.

The Prizes were awarded by Bill and Brian Karran who sponsored the event and they are in the pictures along with Tournament organiser (on the night), Steve Baker.

Elites Tournament Winner – Jason Blue

Elites Tournament Runner Up and Winner of the Masters Over 40s – Hamish Thornton

Winner of the Masters Over 50s – Steve Baker

Runner Up of the Masters Over 50s and Winner of the Masters Over 60s – Dave O’Neill

Runner Up of the Masters Over 60s – Peter Sharples

A group picture of the event competitors ands sponsors

The Masters Over 40s Runner Up was Dave Freer but he does not appear in the pictures as he had to leave prior to the prize presentation.

As I said above the Prizes were awarded by Bill and Brian Karran who sponsored the event, the IOMSRA are very grateful to them and would like to thank them for their the support.