Court Allocations and Order of Play for Matches

League Fixtures commence next week with the B league playing on Mondays, the A league playing on Thursdays and the C league playing 3 fixtures on Tuesdays and 1 fixture on Fridays.
We are well used to having 4 courts and playing 2 fixtures on the night. The start time of 6.30 remains unaltered. Similarly having 1 fixture played on 2 courts is straight forward.
This year we will be playing 3 fixtures on 4 courts which necessitates us having an earlier start time. On Monday (B league) and Tuesday (C league) nights when we have scheduled 3 fixtures we have a start time of 5.45. We will have 3 courts from 5.45 to 6.30 then 4 courts from 6.30 until 8.45. We will have to share out he courts between matches so I have prepared a plan which should help you to organize this. It is shown on the graphic below but can also be found on the NSC Notice board next to the fixture schedules.


Junior Academy back into Division B

Division B will be a contested by six teams this season.The Teams along with the Squads of players are shown in the graphic below –

Defending champions Crowe Dragons, having signed up James Martin, Dave Hedley and Mark Grace, will be a lot stronger this season. Their captain Jon Shepherd will ensure that this is a very competitive team. 

Last year they were pushed all the way by the Outcasts who are unchanged but with Chris Cave, Nathan Quilliam and Liam Davies occupying the top three places in the team they will be hard to beat.

Derivco Sharks have lost Mark Webster-Smith but Merseyside Over 60’s player Dave O’Neill is a very welcome replacement. Dave Freer captains he team who won the most matches of all the teams in the league in the first half of last season. 

Racketeers Pioneers have lost Dean Sowerby who has moved to warmer climes but they still remain strong and we will see Rob Boyles and Dafydd Lewis scrapping it out for the number one spot again.

Island Tyres & Exhausts experienced a mass exodus from the team with only Shaun Callow of last seasons squad remaining, but IOMSRA Committee members Les Callow and Steve Baker have shored up the team and recruited some exciting young players.

The Junior Academy complete the league line-up. In the past the junior teams have been very competitive in the B league and their team this season will be spear-headed by the two Oliver’s – Wait and Williams. These are two fine young prospects with big futures ahead of them so they may cause some upsets.

Having six teams in the B league will mean a match every week so player availability could be a factor when it comes to determining who will be  crowned B league champions.