IOMSRA Handicap Cup Competition for 2019 – Revised Draw

The IOMSRA Handicap Cup Competition commences on Tuesday 30th April and will climax in a final to be played on Friday 17th May. The IOMSRA Handicap Cup competition is for teams in the B and C leagues. Each team is given a Handicap which is derived from the teams results over the course of the season. Additional points are given to C league teams to make them competitive against the B league teams. The Handicap (offset values) are the numbers in brackets and will be added to each team after all the match has been completed. The full draw is shown below and it includes the dates of matches and the Handicap values to be applied –

The Cup matches will be scored like the league matches so the team score will be a determined by adding the scores of the best 3 games of each player together for the team. The scores for each team member will then be added together to give a Total Points scored for the Team. Please note the will be ‘NO BONUS’ points added to the winning team, but the difference between the teams handicap values will be added to one of the teams instead.

Please note that a player will NOT be cup tied, he can play for both his B and C league teams in the cup unless they play each other of course. If they do he must select 1 of the teams to represent.

Note – The match dates have been revised as Netball Europe competition have the use of the squash courts on the following dates :

  • Wednesday 8th May
  • Thursday 9th May
  • Friday 10th May
  • Saturday 11th May
  • Sunday 12th May

Take down will be on Monday 13th May and we anticipate the courts being available from 6.00pm for you if you need them.